Top websites for copyright and royalty free images.

Here is the list of best copyright and Royalty – Free images that will help you to display the best messages to your audience. Maybe you are an aspiring photographer looking for inspiration or an up-coming entrepreneur trying to find best images for your website. No matter what your profession is or what are you trying to make, the respective list of the best stock photography websites will ensure that you will always have access to the copyright and royalty free stock images.
Now, before I discuss with you the best websites. Let us discus that what do you actually mean by copyright of images. You are allowed to use images from certain websites (background image, etc.), but you are not allowed to use it for commercial purpose.

The images on the following websites have protection under creative common company. We call it Creative Common License. It gives a protection to the person to whom the photograph /image belongs.
If you want to use someone else’s image, you should always give credit to the original photographer and if you are an artist or photographer, then it’s totally your choice to contribute your photos on websites meant for donation for a social cause.
Now above, I have discussed a bit, the moment have come to unveil and bookmarks the top website you need for getting quality, copyright – free images.

1. Free range


Once you register for a free membership at free range, you will get access to use thousands of images for no cost and at your service. The website images can be used for commercial or personal projects. You will also get Google Ads and revenue as you start contributing.

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2. Unsplash


Unsplash is a side project started by Michael Cho of Crew company located in Montreal, Quebec. Apart from providing free stock photography, Unsplash is also capable of showing graphic design work using the made with section.
In february 2018, Unsplash changed their license terms to further restrict the sale of photos without first updating, modifying or incorporating new creative elements into the photos and prohibited selling unaltered copies.

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3. Pexels


It is the website that wants to help. It started in 2015, with a quite reputable stock of photo library. Pexels is quite unique in that it does not only display images to but it also outsources images from other high quality website.

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4. Flickr


It is an extremely useful library of high quality public domain images. This is probably one of the best and greatest image library present on the internet. It have millions of high quality stock, images, therefore, user won’t run out of stock images to use.

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5. Pixabay


Pixabay is yet another great image repository that integrates images from other image hosting sites. It tries to gather the very best of free stock images for your own personal and commercial usage. It is having a special camera search feature which allows you to search images based on the camera from which it is clicked.

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6. Life of pix


Mesmerize yourself for hours by scrolling through the beautiful copyright – free pictures available on the life of pix. It was created by the LEEROY advertising agency. Life of Pix is a magic land for free public domain photography. To your surprise, it does have more impressive stock video footage, all available for free.

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