The Best WordPress themes to use for any purpose this year or we can say in 2020.

Discover the most awesome WordPress themes to use today with us.

The WordPress platform is one of the simplest ways to create colorful and well developed webpages. The setup is so easy to perform with just few mouse clicks. Luckily, as a beginner; you don’t need coding knowledge to make your own website using it.
The platform supports thousands of various designs known as themes, some of which are suited to specific users such as small businesses, while others have a more general appeal.
Several WordPress themes are designed for Blogs, but there are more specialist ones, such as for an art and photography portfolio. There are Premium WordPress themes available for those whoever want to invest extra in their website, and there are also E-commerce theme for business users.

When starting out you may feel overwhelmed by the choices available, especially if you’re not sure if a theme is worth buying. Also, do check that any theme you do consider will work properly with any WordPress plug-ins you have also installed.

In this article, you’ll discover five of our very favorite, free and paid WordPress themes. Whether you’re a freelancer on a tight budget or an established business, rest assured there’s a theme for you. These are specially picked by us and are used by many in the industry.

The best wordpress plugins at a glance

1. Hestia
2. Divi
3. Avada
4. Beaver Builder theme
5. Sydney

1. Hestia One of the simplest and best WordPress theme

  • Free and Premium
  • One click install
  • Integrations


Hestia is the perfect theme for those with small businesses, startups, online agencies and firms due to its multi-purpose functionality. Users do not have to pay to download this theme. Installation and setup is designed to be user friendly.

This theme is best suited to users who want to setup an ecommerce platform. Hestia integrates with WooCommerce, allowing users access to beautifully designed product listings. There is an easy to use drag and drop feature suitable.
This theme comes with custom backgrounds settings which helps in adding multiples photos and making the website your own.

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2. Divi

  • Layout library to save custom themes
  • Child theme available
  • Supportive community
  • Created by Elegant themes, it is one of the most popular WordPress theme in the market.


Divi comes with a built-in drag & drop builder that you can use to create any type of layout. You also get 20 pre-made Divi layouts right out of the box that you can use to jump-start your new project.
Also, if you want to drift away and practice more, check out divi child themes. Make custom themes and save them in Divi layout library to use later.

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3. Avada

  • Free premium WordPress theme
  • Multi-purpose theme
  • 41 + pre made fully featured website


Avada is the #1 selling premium WordPress theme of all-time. It is the original versatile multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with 255+ pre-made web page designs and 41+ pre-made fully-featured websites.
Avada was built with the sole purpose of having you get started as fast as you can. Their demo installer makes it very easy to set up pre-made content.

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4. Beaver Builder

  • Not a theme but a complete web page builder
  • Freedom to create anything by your will.
  • Website customization and not just limited to theme


Unlike other products listed here, Beaver Builder is NOT a theme. Yes! Not a theme but a complete web page builder. Beaver Builder is probably the best page builder for WordPress. With Beaver Builder, you can build your website block by block the way you want. This will give you the freedom to use any layout you want. Use multiple layouts for different pages, use your own colors, styles, and content anywhere on your site.
The best thing is that it comes with tons of creative page templates to choose from, so building a site is a breeze with Beaver Builder.

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5. Sydney

  • Free
  • Rich Features
  • Many varieties of Fonts


Sydney works well for freelancers and companies who want to create a strong online presence.
It is highly customizable and consists of different fonts to chose from like Google Fonts and a lot of logo’s option. There are 600 Google Fonts from which you can choose from. If you want to show off, there is a full screen promotional banner that can be edited to suit your needs.
The theme is translation ready and provides the necessary tools for a smooth translation process.

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