5 Free Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses

digital marketing strategies

There are so many ways to market your business for free online. It is important that as a new business owner, you save as much money as you can for when you really need it. Before you start spending your budget on pay-for-click ads or advertising campaigns. Make sure that you check out these five great ideas for free digital marketing strategies for businesses. You want to know about the hottest digital marketing trends that you can’t ignore in 2021. Learn More.

Five Free Digital Marketing Strategies For Businesses.

  1. Email Advertising
  2. Create Graphics for Free
  3. Join Social Media
  4. Giveaways
  5. Start Video Marketing

1. Email Advertising

Effective email marketing will convert any prospective customers you have into sales. Most consumers check their emails on a daily basis, so if you can make your email look approachable and friendly and NOT spam people you will find you get a lot of success with this free method.

To start compiling a list of people’s emails, you will need a ‘lead magnet’. This is something that draws people in like an offer or a competition, where people want to give you their personal information such as name and their email.

A lead magnet can be as simple as a quiz or a downloadable resource. Once you have prospective customer’s email addresses, you can think about what you could send out to them.

Do not send junk that people won’t want to read. It is sometimes best to send out coupons. This way, people feel like they are getting something for reading your email. In the same way, you can send out new products or small bites of information. Some companies like to send out a newsletter or digital magazine to customers. This can be great but takes a lot of work so make sure you have the time to do it.

2. Create Graphics for Free

Home in on your brand identity and create all your graphics for your business for free. Everything from your logo, banners, and thumbnails to advertisements and newsletters. Don’t waste money paying a designer for something when you may well be rebranding in a year’s time. Visit here to get started.

Make sure that your logo and branding suit your business. Choose simple shapes, styles, and graphics that you can resize easily. Keep it simple and eye-catching and use it everywhere.

3. Join Social Media and Post, Post, Post

You can make a business account on Facebook and Instagram for free. Make sure you have a business name that is easily searchable. Once you’ve signed up you can start gaining friends and followers. Post content that appeals to your chosen target demographic and gets creative with what, where, and how you post said content. The more quality content you post, the more visible your page will be. Once you have a lot of followers and are on an active page, you can start running competitions and giveaways to try and convert those followers into loyal, paying customers.

4. Giveaways

This is an important one. Work any giveaways and promotions into your profit margins. That way you are not spending money to make money, rather, just making money! The same goes for offering free postage. Just up the price of all of your products by a little and you will be able to offer customers free postage. Just make sure you don’t add too much on or get greedy as people like to feel that they can trust your small business.

5. Start Video Marketing

Video marketing is all the rage this year. Get yourself a good camera phone and make a few short videos. Display your products and add music for free with a video editor app like YouCut. Post them with relevant hashtags and statements and make sure that they grab the attention of the viewer in the first two seconds.

Follow up these ideas with a customer satisfaction email sent out after a customer makes a purchase. Ask them ‘where did you hear about us?’ and find out which of your marketing ideas is working and which is not.


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